Augmenting Your Brand – the Integration of Social Media

One of the smartest people out there is Kami Watson Huyse, someone whom I follow through the “For Immediate Release” Six Degrees of Separation. BTW – the “For Immediate Release “Hobson and Holtz” podcasts are the best out there — bar none.

Since many of us struggle to make the case of how social media can add to the bottom line, I thought that I would post a PowerPoint presentation that Kami and Geoff Livingston gave at the New Comm Forum 2008.

The deck is below and, although it lacks the running commentary which I’m sure adds a lot, makes a tremendous business case for social media – something that many of us struggle to do.



  1. I am still trying to get over being called “one of the smartest people out there.” I certainly can agree that Hobson and Holtz have one of the best PR podcasts out there.

    As for the slides, we try not to tell the whole story in them and leave something for the presentation, but I appreciate you sharing it here.

  2. Mark Story Says: May 12, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    Sure thing.

    And this sample size of one DOES day you are one of the smartest people out there.

    Long live the FIR posse!


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