Mark’s Background in Brief:

I am a storyteller.

I help organizations manage how others feel about them, the executives and their issues.  In modern-day terms, this was and continues to be through innovative public affairs and reputation management, marketing communications, crisis communications, litigation communications, digital communications,  public relations, video production, speech writing, editing and more.

  • I manage reputational challenges and crises, never forgetting that the first rule of crisis communications is to avoid the crisis.  I do crisis communications planning, crisis management, stakeholder relations and serve as an on-the-record spokesperson for American University.
  • I devised innovative communications programs at the National Cancer Institute that help cancer patients, caregivers, researchers, doctors, and scientists to communicate and understand complex topics more easily.
  • As Director of International Corporate Affairs at Alibaba Group, I monitored, defended and enhanced the company’s global reputation at the most critical point in the company’s history in the months leading up to the company I.P.O., the largest in history.
  • I served in public affairs at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission during the most turbulent time in the Commission’s history, including the economic crisis of 2008/2009, the Madoff Scandal, and the “Flash Crash.”
  • I spent more than 14 years in the consulting and public affairs world helping clients successfully tell their stories – getting people to feel a certain way or take an action in favor of my clients.
  • I am preparing the next generation of communicators as adjunct faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Communications Graduate School and have served as a graduate-level college professor at Georgetown University.
  • I am the author of a book, “Starting Your Career as a Social Media Manager,” published by Allworth Publishing in September 2012.

What People Say About Mark:

  • I have had a chance to work with Mark at several of his jobs over the years. He has a knack for understanding how to effectively track and respond to critical issues. Mark has provided ongoing suggestions and counsel that have helped make my businesses more effective at providing the products and services that communicators need. Perhaps most important, he always makes himself available to answer questions or provide advice whenever asked.

    Chip Griffin
    CEO, North America at CARMA
  • When it comes to communications, Mark is brilliant. I enjoyed working alongside him, and he continued to surprise me with innovative ideas and creative solutions. In addition to his creativity he is also extremely analytical and strategic. I highly recommend Mark.

    Timothy McPherson
    Vice President at Navigant Cymetrix
  • During my time working with Mark, I have found that he has not only the ability to develop innovative cancer communications strategies, Mark can also execute them flawlessly. His attention to detail combined with an innate creativity has given him the ability to take NCI to a new level, both in online and offline communications.

    Marina Korizis
    Partner Enablement | Business Analytics
  • Mark is a goal-oriented strategic thinker who is disciplined, enthusiastic and positive in anticipating problems and developing solutions. It was easy work with Mark, who led both by example and through motivating others, and contributed significantly when in a supporting role, acting as a team player and focusing on success for clients.

    Jonathan Gregory
    Government and Public Affairs Professional
  • Mark’s was one of my favorite and most beneficial classes at Georgetown. He continually brought his real-world experience into the classroom, making each lesson much more meaningful. Mark is very experienced in both online and offline public relations, which also gives him a unique perspective on how the public relations world is and will continue to change.

    Megan Mitchell
    Director, Combat Vehicle Communications at BAE Systems
  • Working with Mark Story at NCI was an absolute pleasure. Mark is a devoted and passionate professional who consistently prioritizes NCI’s work. Whether it was a major rollout, Google Hangout, or Twitter chat, Mark’s work constantly included detailed strategic planning and immense forethought. I’ve come to understand through working with Mark, that his every action had a purpose and incorporated NCI’s objectives and goals. His attention to detail and analytical thinking fused with innovative ideas helped to craft intricate plans for NCI’s communication and education direction.

    Katherine Jenkins
    Public Affairs Specialist at US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mark consistently has impressed me from our interactions via social media and personal communications. Through his work at the National Cancer Institute, he has demonstrated the ability to conceive, organize and execute what I think has been the most effective use of social media to raise cancer awareness to date. #CancerFilm was an NCI-led event that drew unprecedented attention to cancer and immuno-oncology.

    That success is a good indicator of what Mark can do in health communications.

    Dr. Matthew Katz
    Medical Director, Radiation Oncology at Lowell General Hospital
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